Circadian Lighting Association

The Circadian Lighting Association is a trade association of manufacturers of lighting products for treating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other circadian concerns

As interest in, and success of, light therapy has grown, so has the number of companies supplying products.  Inevitably, less-responsible companies have begun selling untested products and making misleading product claims.   Use of inferior products with inadequate light levels has produced ineffective results for some customers, and poor or non-existent customer service from internet fly-by-night companies has left some customers in the lurch.  To respond to these problems, the CLA was formed in 1993 to make sure that health professionals and consumers have access to safe and effective products and accurate information about product performance.

Five North American countries were at the forefront of the light therapy industry in the 1980s, supporting scientific research and inventing products for consumers.   Those leading companies created the Circadian Lighting Association to ensure that high standards of product quality and customer service would always be maintained.  One of the original five sold out to a Dutch company (Philips Lighting) but the other four remain independently owned and operated.  They appreciate your support for innovation and employment in North America.

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